Principals involved in Bright Frontier Films:

David Armstrong, CEO/Executive Producer
David Armstrong is an American film and television executive producer, author and public speaker. He currently works as the chief executive officer of Bright Frontier Films, LLC and the Armstrong Corporation – the parent company for Little Swan Publishing, a music and book publishing enterprise – and Meg’s Art World, an art print publishing enterprise.

Armstrong was born on July 16, 1959 in Crosby, North Dakota. He was raised on a highly-productive family ranch and later graduated from North Dakota State University with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing. In college, he was an outstanding member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity, earning the distinction of being appointed to the coveted position of first student assistant to famed Professor Donald Myrold.

After college, Armstrong founded and operated a number of companies including; D.C. Marketing, a business consulting firm for inventions located in West Fargo, ND., Quillow Inc., a sewing and manufacturing enterprise; and DC Marketing which reached sales of five million dollars until it sold in 1999 to Meg’s Art World of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He also created the Armstrong Corporation which was a highly successful business right from the first year of operation. Since then, he has advised numerous companies on how to maximize their efficiency, which eventually turned his attention to the television and film industry. As of June 2016, he has developed several dozen exciting television and film projects nationwide. To date, he is involved in several dozen exciting TV and film projects with his team.

Armstrong is well-known for his exceptional ability to spot market trends, investments in agricultural commodities, and upcoming companies. He has a razor’s edge intuition for managing money that will help stretch dollars to maximize investor money; and he has an uncanny ability to spot the “hidden gem” and money-making potential in film and television projects brought to his attention.

He is most excited about the potential of film investing, especially with recent tax law changes. His new film and television projects will create thousands of jobs that are so badly needed in this economy both in the US and Western Canada. David is most excited about the potential that film investing has for investors, especially with the recent tax law changes.

Tim Lasiuta, Executive Producer – Canadian Division

Tim Lasiuta is a Canadian born creator with experience in comic book, magazine, novel, anthology and entertainment writing. He counts his Joe Sinnott books, the Lone Ranger and Rush (2113) work among his best to date.  His extensive business network allows him to find the right home for the right investor.  He lives in Red Deer with his wife, Karen and four children.

Saige Walker, Vice-President/Producer

Born in Ft. Myers, Florida, Saige Walker began his career when he landed a lead role in a Christine Taylor film To the Ends of Time on his first audition. He went on to win roles in TV and avant gard films, boosting his already talented and lucky career by studying with top acting coaches. Saige is completing a successful transition from child actor to young leading man, rounding out his powerful artistic career with the addition of producing behind the scenes. Saige has developed his production company 33 Entertainment Group. As a Film Maker he continually demonstrates his fearlessness and passions as a great storyteller portraying subject matter with a youthful and innovative style. His drive to express himself and his experiences of life thorough the medium of film are easily defined by his burning desire and determination to make innovative, original and powerful films, creating a winning formula to becoming a major film maker of this next generation.

Kerry Keepers, Vice-President/Producer

Kerry has had many careers but his first love is performing.  His broad experience includes radio, theater, commercials, TV and film. In 1999 he founded the theatrical troupe, Pistols and Petticoats.  He directed and performed in “Murder at the High Noon Saloon” which ran for fifteen years.  He wrote curriculum and taught acting for many years as well, adding his own unique approach to the classroom.  Kerry has performed his material live at many venues across the Pacific Southwest. His experience and knowledge of the Old West combined with a passion for the genre has resulted in “Deadly Reckoning,” the novel and screenplay. His journey continues.

Frank J. Zanca, Writer/Producer

Frank J. Zanca is an award-winning writer, who has written and published four novels, and written over a dozen feature-length screenplays and pilots.

Recently, Frank produced the Supernatural/Western Six Gun Savior, starring Eric Roberts, which was nominated Best Feature at the Sunscreen Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2015. He recently Line Produced/Unit Production Managed five independent features, including: Cross the Line with Ice-T, A Horse Story, with Danny Trejo, amongst others, as well as two Pilots: Star Trek: Renegades with Tim Russ, Walter Koenig, Sean Young, and Adrienne Wilkinson and Cozmo’s for Syfy Channel directed by Stephen Furst of Babylon 5 and Animal House. In 2015 Frank came under budget while Line Producing a commercial for AT&T entitled “This is Me.”

Frank Zanca began working in local television at the age of 22 when he became a Promotional Producer for an ABC affiliate. During that time he wrote and produced thirty-second spots for the newscast and syndicated shows such as Geraldo and Sally Jesse Raphael.

Frank created and wrote a comic book, which was distributed internationally, under the name of Shadow Raven and helped design Shadow Raven: the Combat Card Game. His novels include: Destiny Aurora, The Awakening, Escape from Berlin: the Diane Jacob’s Story, Shadow Raven: The Sabre’s Edge.

In 2008 he partnered with Timothy Ryder, the producer of such hits as That ‘70s Show and 3rd Rock from the Sun, and together produced two pilots (Sunset Stand Up&Just the Three of Us) along with a webisode revival of the ‘80s television show Greatest American Hero with the approval of the Cannell Company. Together they launched, a website geared entirely towards airing independently produced pilots.

Meg Edmonson, Executive Producer/Writer

Meg Edmonson is an Executive Producer and Screenwriter with a strong background in Psychology, College Administration and Business. After completing her Master’s degree in Psychology from the Antioch New England Graduate School in New Hampshire, she consistently demonstrated her administrative skills as an Assistant Director of a college and a Financial Aid Counselor at a university.

She continues her lifelong studies in psychology and spirituality which enables her to form a greater overview of the human condition – those traits show up in her writing and in her determination of successful script topics.

Over the past 20 years, she has focused on business, first owning a successful garment company, then becoming the CFO of two companies – Meg’s Art World, an art publishing company, and Little Swan Publishing, a music and book publishing company.

She currently is working as the Executive Producer and/or Screenwriter on several original and adapted film and television projects.

Cindy Lunati, Executive Producer/Actor

Cindy Lunati was born on April 26, 1982 in the USA. She is an actress, known for The Bistro, Heart & Soul (2010) and Will You Marry Me.

Christina Rose, Set Dresser and Actress

On Camera Scene Study – Film & Television – Tom Logan,DGA/San Diego, CA
The Rehearsal Room Theater – Film & Television – Carey Scott/San Diego, CA
Side Stage Improv – Improvisation – Katie Nansen/San Diego, CA
Mollie Benson Acting Retreat – 5-Day Immersion – Mollie Benson/Pine Top, AZ
Side Stage Improv – Improvisation – Katie Nansen /San Diego, CA

Mezzo Soprano soloist; jazz, pop, sacred, some Italian Opera
Piano, guitar, autoharp, horseback riding, tap dance, fluent Spanish
Vocal tuvic toning with crystal singing bowls, cello

(Non-professional experience: 10 years community music theater, singing, dancing, acting)

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 159
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue

LINDA LAW, Associate Producer & Writer

Linda Law was born in San Antonio, Texas. The oldest of six girls, and one brother. “I had the best of both “The big city” and “The country life” being raised on a Cattle Ranch, liking the cows and bulls; not liking the hogs and their messes; not one to pick the chicken eggs or feed them; but preferring the horses that I loved, and watching my dad and uncles training, and grooming them for racing. Attended parochial schools and public schools realizing that writing poems, short stories and songs was a calming way to spend her extra time. Married young, while attending college and taking various business management courses. Moved from state to state where husbands construction business took them. Home was wherever her three children and husband landed during those years, although always the Texas spirit within. Linda began her own businesses as an entrepreneur, using her various hobbies and skills, all while raising her children.

Linda’s training was in the school of wherever the path led; Assistant Communications Director at NASA/Stennis in Mississippi; later with Circus Circus Corporation in the Hotel – Resort Industry which led to a career with a large Property Management/Apartment business based out of Southern California. During this time, Linda went from management to supervisor of large territories, then to Corporate office where she was the first female to hold the position in the history of the 77 year old company. She set up incentive programs for employees, was in charge of Administrative/Human Resources as well as Maintenance Division for over 6,700 apartments throughout the southern United States; proving that she could cross tasks and overlap hiring, terminating, and setting the millions of dollars in budgets for the needs of the properties.

Widowed in 1998, Linda realized that she would need to continue working in her current career field; however, she began writing short stories and travel articles. Phoenix, AZ had been home for ten years, but it was time to take another path in her life. Nashville became her new home base, where her love of writing and publishing her own stories actually began a new career in this zig-zag path of life adventures. Published several fiction and non-fiction books, concentrating on true, inspirational stories set around Divine Intervention; and for fun she wrote a murder mystery!

Former Head Writer-Actor for Big Sky the projected TV series for 16 months, co-writing the two hour pilot and several individual episodes. Resigned in order to pursue other projects, Contracted and completed the Script/Treatment for a true story based on the life of a Drug Kingpin that covered several southern states including Mexican and Columbian Drug Cartels.

This project is in the appointment que, with option to write the book Linda has properties that are in early development, and has been serving as a consultant and/or representative for those projects. Her sense of humor is another side of this coin, as she has several Youtube videos, where she is Miss Gorgeous – Goes Hunting; Miss Gorgeous the Fashion Icon, and more. Linda always finds humor in herself while demonstrating her love of the entertainment industry and the many paths that it can lead. Every new endeavor is an adventure!

Currently joined the Team of Bright Frontier Films as Associate Producer-Writer, and looking forward to the exciting opportunities that this path will lead.

Gail Carson, Executive Assistant

Office Administration:
Executive Assistant for a manufacturing company’s Sales and Marketing, and Engineering Departments. Managed quoting system, and created marketing materials, and maintained website.

Executive Assistant to the Owner of a GEOC Medical Equipment sales company. Assisted in Sales Management, Quote systems, and Financial Reporting.

Music Production:
Gail has 17 CD’s of original songs that she produced and recorded, and are currently being played on internet radio around the world.

Radio Show Host:
She created “The Gail Carson Show” an 1 hour Indie Artist Showcase Series for Radio, featuring songwriters from around the world.

Social Media Marketing and Promotion Specialist:
Team Member for several Internet Radio Stations, assisting them with Graphics, Marketing, and Social Media Promotions (Fishing Country Now, Cowgirl Divas Radio, CMG Global Radio, Fame Music Radio, DC Coast To Coast, Irish Country Radio, and more).

Graphic Artist:
Gail is a Graphic Artist, a specialist at event posters, banners, CD graphics, film posters, promotions and more.

Specializing in Event Photography, Music Festivals, and people portraits.

Associate Producer and Producer:
Worked with creators of two independent films, in all aspects of business development, organization, social media marketing, and promotion.

Executive Assistant:
Now working in the Film Industry, with Bright Frontier Films, assisting in business development, administration, presentations, cast registrations,and offering creative marketing and promotional services.

Marie D. Jones, Author, Screenwriter, Producer, and Researcher

Jones is a screenwriter and producer, developing the story behind the Maybelline cosmetics empire for a television series, as well as numerous projects for film and television under her Where’s Lucy? Productions banner. She is also developing and co-producing a variety of joint projects with Vesuvian Media Group, Bright Frontier Films, Bruce Lucas Films, Agrestic Productions (with Gareth Worthington), NeoMyth (with artist/illustrator Michael David Ward,” and ParaExplorers Productions (with Larry Flaxman).

She is also the best-selling author of over fifteen non-fiction books on cutting edge science, the paranormal, conspiracies, ancient knowledge, and unknown mysteries, including “PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena,” “Supervolcano: The Catastrophic Event That Changed the Course of Human History,” “The Grid: Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality,” “This Book Is From the Future: A Journey through Portals, Relativity, Worm Holes and Other Adventures in Time Travel,” and “Mind Wars: A History of Mind Control, Surveillance and Social Engineering.” She is a regular contributor to New Dawn Magazine, FATE, Paranoia Magazine, Atlantis Rising, Ancient-Origins.Net, and Phenomena Magazine and has been interviewed on over a thousand radio shows worldwide, including Coast-to-Coast AM, NPR and the Shirley MacLaine Show. In addition, Jones has published hundreds of blogs/guest blogs, articles, essays, and is a reviewer and staff blogger for the Paranormal Braintrust. She has contributed to over 100 inspirational gift books for Publications International, and to seven “Chicken Soup for the Soul” anthologies.

Jones is featured on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and Nostradamus Effect series and served as a special UFO abduction consultant on the Universal Pictures film, The Fourth Kind. She is the author of several upcoming novel series, including the middle-grade science fiction series, EKHO-Evil Kid Hunting Organization, written with her young son and based in part on his real life spy group he formed in grade school to fight back against bullies; a forthcoming YA paranormal trilogy, Freak; a fantasy about illegal wildlife trading called “The ShapeShifter Stone,” and a conspiracy thriller about the rise of fascism in near-future America, with Dr. Fayr Barkley called, HELM. She is also a trained disaster/emergency responder and ham radio operator through the Department of Homeland Security’s CERT program, a horse racing and bloodstock breeding aficionado, and occasional half-marathoner. Her websites are and

Bruce Lucas, Writer

Bruce Lucas is from New York City where he attended NYU Film School and opened Bruce Lucas Productions Inc. directing, producing, & writing film, TV and corporate projects. Bruce won critical acclaim from film critics Jeffrey Lyons and William Wolf for his independent dramatic short film entitled “A Walk in the Dark” starring Mike McGlone (The Brothers McMullen, Hardball, She’s the One, The Bone Collector and the more recently “GEICO” TV spots). Bruce served as both Director and Executive Producer on the film. (“I saw it and thought the acting was powerful. I wanted more!” – Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC) (“It is a well-shot, absorbing tale… With a good cast, Lucas demonstrates that he can tell an absorbing story in a relatively short amount of time…” – William Wolf) “A Walk in the Dark” has screened in over 25 film festivals around the world and won 2 awards; “Outstanding Creative Achievement as a Director” from WRITEMOVIES.COM and the EUROSHORTS “Audience Choice Award” in Poland.

Bruce previously worked for various production and advertising companies as a director, a producer, a cameraman and a writer for numerous companies and projects including: Tom Kukic Advertising, Limelite Video, ESPN, PGA Golf Tour, Sears, Chrysler, Toyota, Elizabeth Arden, Twix Candy, Publix Supermarkets, Fontainebleau Miami, and many others. Bruce is currently in development for a Sci-Fi feature titled “AURORA”. His website is

Mark DeBoer, Legal Advisor/Script Consultant/Actor

Mark DeBoer has immersed himself in the Arizona film industry during the last six years after taking acting classes starting in April of 2010. He has appeared in over 60 films, web series, music videos, commercials and stage roles as a lead or supporting actor and has worked as a director, writer, and editor on several of the films. His first acting experience dates back to an ensemble lead role in his High School stage production of “The Miser.” He comes to acting after working as a trial attorney and martial arts instructor.

Gary Sievers, Actor/Director

Award-Winning Director of Photography
Won at “The Bare Bones International Film Festival” in 2004 for the independent feature film,“La Maria”
Director of Photography for, “Lost Girl Society”
Director of the Independent feature, “Hell Cage”

Creator of a new TV show TBA, that is in Pre-Production
Executive Producer of a new TV Pilot/Series,“The Adventures of Velvet Prozak”
Producer of several TV Commercials, with a background in the commercial market
Producer and Director – A Billiards Sports Show called, “Midwest 9-Ball Tour”
Producer and Director – Boxing Show called, “Wednesday Night Fights”
Producer and Director – English/Spanish Translation show for Kids”The Crazy American”
Director/Producer of a Music Video, “The Wolves”
Attached to the new 2017 Western TV Show, “Big Sky” in a co-starring role
An accomplished Hollywood Character Actor with numerous TV and Film Credits

Born and raised on a Farm/Ranch in Oklahoma growing up with 5 brothers and sisters
Successfully Raised a daughter as a Single Dad
Served in the Viet Nam Era as a Helicopter Crew Chief and Truck Driver in the US Army
Attended the University of Tulsa in the R.O.T.C
Traveled behind the Iron Curtain into Communist East Germany and East Berlin before the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Holds a Private Pilot Airplane license
A world traveler with numerous trips to Europe and traveled throughout the USA
Hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
Rides a Harley Davidson
A Semi-Professional Pool Player
Owner of Heartland Studios,a Video Production Studio,in Oklahoma
A Former Professional Boxing Trainer
A Former Night Club Owner
Current Professional Photographer
Competitor in 2 Marathon Runs
Accomplished horseman, and Animal Lover
In Process of restoring Family childhood home in Oklahoma built in 1922

Gary recently joined the Executive Team at Bright Frontier Films as Actor/Director

Nancy Hawthorne, Director/Producer
Nancy Hawthorne is a Director/Producer/Writer. ASCAP, WGA- Films registrations. Her projects include: Director, Producer & Creator of the T.V.Show: “Rhythm and Food Show” Staring Denny Laine- know for the rock group “Wings” & “Moody Blues”, with Mary Wilson of the famous ” Supremes” hosted by Dominic Allen. Recently she Directed Brighter Frontier Films TV shows- ” Vegas Psychic” and ” Mind Wars” . Her own other projects include writer of the movie “Hurricane Zombie” along with many other projects she has in development. She had been producing events for over 30 years. She also has co-stared in various movies. (SAG_Aftra) She has done dozens of commercials along with several TV pilots.
She has written lyrics with Grammy award winner Gary Anderson for various projects including: Movies, TV & Las Vegas shows.